Trouble Squeezing into your Skinny Jeans?

Do you have muffin top, bulging waistline, or love handles? At Bloom Aesthetics Medspa, we are shaping the bodies of both men and women. Vanquish ME helps flatten the abdomen and shapes the waistline. It is a non-invasive, body shaping treatment that painlessly destroys fat cells. This is the next generation of contactless FDA heat-based technology for fat reduction of the abdomen and thighs. Vanquish ME’s flexible arm is why this method is #1 for the largest spot size treatment area. So, it can produce improvements over entire body areas in one treatment session without pain or downtime.


Takes Only 45 Minutes!

With only 45 minutes a session, people have seen 2 to 4 inches lost around the waist. Non-invasive, contactless, easy, and painless!