Looking for a Proven Way to Lose Weight?

What if you could safely:

    • Drop pounds and feel great?
    • Burn off unwanted fat?
    • Get control of your appetite?
    • Stop Craving Unhealthy Foods?
    • Feel healthier and look better?

A Truly Medically Supervised Personalized Weight Loss Program Just For You!

Accelerate your weight loss with combination ketogenic (keto) diet. intermittent fasting (IF), with prescription ”fat-burning” and Vitamin Injections:

    • Reset your metabolism
    • Improve insulin sensitivity
    • Stabilize blood sugar
    • Reduce cholesterol
    • Lower blood pressure

A medically designed and supervised program that not only drops pounds, it energizes you!

The Clean Start Weight Loss®  Ketogenic/lntermittent Fasting program combines diet therapy with medicine. Our unique program also includes prescription”fat burning” and vitamin injections to help your body stay healthy while losing weight. On this program, you will:

    • Decrease your appetite
    • Lose fat, not muscle
    • Reduce cravings and emotional eating
    • Eat “clean” fats

What is the Clean Start Weight Loss® Combination program?

The Clean Start Weight Loss® combination ketogenic diet with intermittent fasting is the gold standard for fat loss and improved health. Some of the main benefits include:

    • Fat loss without the “starvation” feeling.
    • No repetitive drops in metabolism that can lead to repeated plateaus and the yo-yo effect.
    • The combination of the two has been proven more effective at fat loss than the standard low-fat, calorie-restricted diet with exercise.
    • Unlike glucose (the body’s preferred fuel), ketones are clean-burning and don’t result in the creation of reactive oxygen species (ROSs) that lead to oxidative stress and damage to DNA, proteins, and more.
    • The body gets true nutrition through whole food sources.
    • Multiple studies have shown keto and IF to be safe for many different populations, including children, the elderly, and diabetics, and even those with heart disease, who are usually counseled to avoid fat consumption.
Weight Loss Program

What Makes Our Program Different?

What makes the Clean Start Weight Loss® Program different from other weight loss programs is that we have numerous treatment programs available, and we will design a program that is customized to you. We don’t just offer one weight loss program, but we will design a customized weight loss treatment plan specifically designed for you. The diet doesn’t include packaged diet food, vitamins or weight loss pills; all of our programs including eating real food you can find in any grocery store. To ensure you safely lose the weight, the program will be supervised by a licensed healthcare provider

Want Faster Results?

Add our Body Contouring and See the Fat Melt Away!

This is an option for those who desire aesthetic improvement without the cost and recovery time of surgery.  Do you have an event and need to look your best with immediate skin tightening?  If you are looking for even better results faster, ask about combining Cellutone with our VanquishMe fat reduction therapy. Patients have reported visible improvements as little as after a single treatment session.